Are you a big time management geek? We love looking for new ideas on ways to make our days’ flow better. One thing is for sure, we are always experimenting with ways to lower the stress but also be productive and get lots done, while not forgetting to build in more fun to our lives, which is great when building your custom planner.

To our opinion, if it’s not written down, it doesn’t exist; and you are the best one to know what works the best for you.

Does it include to-do lists? Remembering to ring/text someone? Exploring new books and movies? Listening to new podcasts? Instead of not writing your day down and wasting your precious time, why not build a planner that will allow you to succeed and feel good about yourself?

Your DIY made from scratch planner can stop being a dream and start becoming a reality with Paperlove Design! Let’s have some fun!

Personalised Paperlove Design Planner

When planning your custom planner, firstly think about what’s most important to you, which areas of your life are a necessity to have notes written down? Appointments? Ideas? Exams? Planning? Cool quotes you liked? A financial tracker? University? Tasks? Attendance? Being happier in general? Progress tracker?

Write everything you concluded is the most important to have in your planner. Feel free to include holidays, birthdays and other important events for you. Do you like to travel? Why not create a few pages for that – a travel bucket list? Or a journey planner, with everything you want to see and do in a certain city?

Franka’s favourite is including a ‘gratitude journal’ in the planner. What are you thankful for? What good happened today? How could you improve your today’s actions? With the gratitude journal, a good thing to have is a habit tracker since you will have all your habits you are trying to incorporate in your life in visual. You will feel much more satisfied with each habit box you colour in!

Personalised Paperlove Design Planner

Don’t be afraid to make a life-changing custom-made planner. Why not write monthly goals and affirmations each month? For example, write down a list of things that make you happy. That make you feel calm on hard days. What makes your day turn around? Integrate that list into your custom-made planner, let them be a reminder to do more things that make you feel happier instantly. You will be amazed how much better you’ll feel about your work-life balance once you have the “small-things reminder” in your planner. This way, you can always circle back to your happy reminders as you complete them each week, or divide it into few smaller lists and have them by random each week!

As you see, the options are endless. There is a ton of ideas. Whatever works for you, you can have it. WIth us, you choose the colours. You choose the material. You choose the dimensions. You choose the pages number. You choose the fonts. You design your life and your custom-made planner.

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