Immerse yourself into a fairytale of personalised, custom-made stationery, designed and crafted only for you!

Here at Paperlove, we believe in making a difference. That’s why we devote all of our time and attention in making our products fully personalised and only for you – nothing more, nothing less.

Nowadays, expressions like “personalised” and “unique” are unfortunately being overused, oversold and used under the wrong terms. For us, personalised doesn’t mean just changing your name on already existing design. It means building something unique, only for you and no one else; and that’s what differs us from the rest.

We are here to offer you a unique and luxury experience – we deeply believe in personalised branding, not only for business, but for individuals – it’s a special feeling to have something custom-made for yourself and it’s a very special feeling knowing no one else in the world has it.

Paperlove Personalised Planner

Being in the paper business, we made a strict decision to go fully environmental. Since we want to convey a genuine natural impression in our products, we chose Munken Papers, which are environmentally friendly and the ideal choice for our vision. The uncoated smooth surface of Munken Pure and its cream shade convey distinct features to images and gives an exclusive yet very true natural paper feel. All Munken standard products are available as EU Ecolabel, FSC™ and PEFC certified. We are also a Reforestation Partner with OneTreePlanted. With every purchase, we plant one tree.

We are at the high end of the market, creating premium products made with premium and eco-friendly materials. We believe that making a difference is important – which is why we aspire for uniqueness. Each of us deserves to design the life we want to live because each of us is different and individual. In our opinion, the design should be approached the same – unique for each individual. We want for our products and the process itself to have a positive impact on you and your life!

Stockhom Poster

Everything we do, we do it manually, each time from scratch. There are no already set-out templates, no only one customizable option, just your distinctive design. The creation of one planner lasts for days – from setting everything from the technical side, discussing your wishes and needs with you, proposing ideas, drafting the product, making revisions together and then grinding it perfect! All that for one end goal: For you to be as much as in love with the product as we are in love with the process.

We don’t sell you something that isn’t true. We are not marketing the impossible – you really get your own, fully personalised planner, that you can design together with us from the first to the last page, based on your needs, wants, likes and style, starting from blank papers. We assemble each planner one by one & step by step using eco-friendly materials, which means we don’t get them in bulk from China, but rather are supporting our country’s businesses’ and the environment. Each of the planners is assembled step by step and handled with care for you and Earth too.

By supporting us, you are supporting a huge movement of environmental protection and an individualistic approach to design. Let’s make history together!

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